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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Academic projects: future and ongoing ... and going, and going and going.

I would like to echo my colleagues in Public History's sentiments about coming back to school for another semester. This semester has a lot to live up to; but where last semester we lay a lot of foundations for an understanding of public history, this semester my colleagues and I are setting out to be a part of it. In our core course we will be undertaking some cataloging of the University of Western Ontario's sports collection and learning how to write history for the public, in addition to preparing our heritage district (the Talbot/Ridout area of London Ontario) information for exhibition and finishing our lesson plans for EcoKids. This is just the basics, projects that are common to all of us, but since we are not all that common we are also doing different classes/projects in addition to the Public History Core.

In particular, I, like many of my colleagues, am undertaking the Interactive Exhibit Design class with Bill Turkel, where I will be attempting to build something. Like many academics I don't have much experience with my hands unless you count typing, so it is going to be an adventure. Another adventure that I am undertaking is with the Visual Arts department. I have joined a special seminar entitled 'Mapping Medievalism at the Canadian Frontier'run by Prof. Katherine Brush. This project will also involve an exhibition, as well as a publication and a symposium.

These last two projects in particular are going to be large and ongoing. While I will try and mention my other projects, I am going to keep track of my progress on my interactive exhibit and my project for Mapping Medievalism through my blog, and also, if I have anything that is too large or inappropriate for my blog I will post a link to the information which I will post on my website. I am looking for feedback and ideas, in addition to trying to keep track of my progress.

All in all, this is going to be a fascinating semester.

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