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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

IED (Interactive Exhibit Design): Starting point - HTML and CSS

So, I think I have made conceptual progress on my project.

I am still pursuing the idea of an interactive map. However, what I believe I would like to do is try and spatially locate in Canada aspects of medievalism, like Gothic architecture, and historians and artisans who work with medieval themes. As well, I will try and map as many different interpretations as possible for the location of Vinland.

I am going to approach it from the perspective of HTML, XML and CSS, and design a website where one can call up different parts of the information at will. That will be the basis of the project, which, if it were part of an exhibit, would be best used in conjunction with a Smart Board, so that visitors can call up the information by touch.

This will allow me to start with something basic, and to continuously add to it. It also gives me the opportunity, once I get some of the basics together, to expand and learn other technologies, like GIS, and other forms of interactive and digital mapping.

The next step is to gather the building blocks, a.k.a. the information and documents that I want to situate on the map, and the basic maps that will be the basis for the site. Because I will be gathering documents and information from different sources that may be tangled up with copyright I won't publish so much what I have found, as describe it here on my blog.

But I am going to start with some of the resources found at the Great Canadian Mysteries Website we investigated in Public History class, and try to get some basic representational map of Canada to start.

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