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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I appreciate whole-heartedly that the tag line for the first Digital History Class is don't panic. I am not an internet dummy per se, but I am very much intimidated by the prospect of writing something that more people than myself, my professors, and a few choice editors might read. I think we all may be having that feeling of who am I that I should write something so public. So to answer that question, I am a student at the University of Western Ontario, trying very hard to accumulate degrees. I am currently in the Public History MA program at Western. Recently I completed a first MA at the University of Nottingham in Norse and Viking Studies. My first degree was in Medieval Studies at Queen's University. I am a medievalist by training, and I aspire either to perhaps go on to a PhD or to work somewhere in the vast field of Public History. Above all I aspire to be relevant in my field; hence the blog.

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  1. Hi Megan!

    I'm happy to say that several people in my HI6018 class here in Cork liked your post, and felt they shared your feeelings about blogging! Keep it up and if you are ever in Cork, we'll buy you a beer!

    (Say hello to Bill!)

    Mike Cosgrave